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Oil & Gas

We started trading in Diesel automobile grade in 2017 and have established a strong procurement network in the Middle east.

We primarily deal with 10 PPM Diesel and sell it to various markets like Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia

Shubam has been buying fuel oil, gas Oil, Diesel Oil and other derivatives as title holders of the product for forward trading.

Also we bridge our associate petrochemical and petroleum companies, and act as consultants for procurement, storage and transportation or as joint venture partners.

Meeting our client’s energy requirements, with Integrity and expertise and involvement in the industry has established our credibility with global major dealers.

With our strong combination of vast resources and network access to international energy sources, we have secured partnership with key global players.

As a result, Raay Shine group has become a leading player in the oil and energy market.


  • Bitumen all variants
  • Gasoline unleaded Low and ultra-low sulphur
  • Diesel Oil, land as well Marine grade

  • SHUBAM Investment Consultancy LLC
  • SHUBAM Investment Consultancy LLC
  • SHUBAM Investment Consultancy LLC