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Message From Founder & CEO

Realizing our role in the circular economy “Shubam Group” is a highly diversified company with a very wide range of interests Today we are touching your lives in a way more than ever with our pharma and agro products and have a formidable logistics chain behind it.

The secret of our success has been flexibility and customizing our in house design cell to provide innovative “tailor made” solutions. We consistently provide quality and reliable services by delivering excellent value for clients.

Our global operation of sourcing and supply is tailored to meet specific requirements of each client. We have outreach across Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa.

The “WOW” factor has always been overwhelming resonated among our long list of delighted clients and customers.

With the new world order amid the post Covid-19 scenario we stand tall to be counted as our R & D centers carry out pioneering work to save and help humanity

Our technology, equipment and - most importantly - highly trained and dedicated employees make Shubam Group, a consistently high quality and competitive contractor and an ideal partner.

- Roshan Anand